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H2 Zoom and Carbon Free Zone - Your Sustainability Resource

Carbon Free Zone executives attended the VERGE 22 CLIMATE TECH EVENT in San Jose, California from October 25-28, 2022. VERGE 22 is a collaborative platform where experts from various industries gather to exchange ideas and promote new technologies to mitigate the consequential complexities associated with climate change. VERGE 22 focuses on (6) strategic areas to develop sustainable solutions: net-zero buildings, clean energy, carbon removal, sustainable transportation, regenerative food systems, and startup ecosystems.

Carbon Free Zone is the exclusive distributor of Modern Thermal Design’s H2ZOOM EV/H2 charging stations. The company also provides consultation services to businesses on carbon reduction to include the sale of carbon credits. With a certified broker on the International Carbon Exchange (ICX) board, Carbon Free Zone offers carbon credits to individuals, businesses, and municipalities as an option to offset their carbon impact.

As a startup, the Carbon Free Zone has charted an aggressive approach to becoming a global leader in the sustainability arena. While initial collaborative projects have concentrated on the US market, the company is currently in negotiations to introduce its products and services to the Middle East region. To amplify the sustainable successes of our clients, Carbon Free Zone will launch its new streaming channel in Q2 2023. The channel will focus on educating, promoting, and chronicling sustainability in all facets of life.

“This moment calls for bold action. Carbon Free Zone along with our sister company Modern Thermal Design offers an innovative and holistic approach for companies around the world to reduce their carbon footprint, maximize governmental incentives, and enhance its sustainable profile”.