Protect Forests

Why do we need to protect our forests?

Protect Forests

Why do we need to protect our forests? The simple answer is the forests keep humans alive. Without healthy forests, we would not have clean air to breathe, food to eat, or the medications we need. Our forests around the world provide so many benefits from lifesaving clean air to medications and more. But what do we need to protect our forests from? The answer to this is multifaceted.
  • Deforestation making new areas to build homes and businesses.
  • Overuse of certain species of trees such as pine and hardwoods like oak used for manufacturing of homes and furniture.
  • Wildfires eat up thousands of acres of forest each year. These fires are either started by lightning or human campfires and cigarette butts that are hot.
  • Disease and pest outbreaks can and have wiped out whole species of trees.
  • Soil erosion.
  • The breaking down of the forest into smaller parts when tectonic plates move or from flooding.
  • Climate change caused by pollution of the air, water, and land.

All these things can lead to our forests dying.

Looking Up Through Tall Trees
Green Forest

What Our Forests Do For Us

Our forests keep us alive and healthy in many ways. This includes:

Those are just some of the things our forests do for us.

How To Protect Our Forests

So, how do we protect our forests? Everyone has to do their part in protecting our forests for us and future generations. Ways we can protect our forests include:
  • Scientific research on our forests about the forest ecology, fires, and wildlife. This will give us a better understanding of what the forest ecology needs to stay healthy and productive.
  • That scientific research can help provide the forest service with valuable information, so they can watch logging projects on national forest lands.
  • Use legal means (courts and legislation) to protect species and stop the destruction of their habitats.
  • Education of young and old about all that the forests do and how it helps us. Reach out and get them involved in safeguarding our forests.
  • Replanting forests is not enough, too many people do not realize how long it takes a tree to mature to provide the benefits it does.
  • Help schools educate and start replanting trees in the forest.
  • Keep our forest clean of pollution and litter along with other debris that can start a fire.
  • Reduce pollution of land, water, and air. Yes, trees need carbon, but we have put too much of it in the atmosphere. All that extra carbon has led to climate change and more intense weather storms.

It is vital that we watch and protect our forests around the world. Protect them in order to protect and preserve them for our own health and that of future generations.

Forest with Large Tree
Forest and Lake

What Happens If We Do Not Protect Our Forests?

If we do not protect our forests by becoming serious about climate change and deforestation we as a species will be doomed.

Not just our species but every species on earth will die to extinction. Can you even imagine what our world would look like without forests? I know it is hard to imagine a barren wasteland but that is exactly what we will have if we do not get serious about protecting our forests, oceans, and the air we breathe.

By moving to cleaner green energies we can vastly reduce greenhouse emissions.