Solar Power

Solar is the green energy that is leading the way.

Solar Power

Today, climate change is or should be a top priority. It affects all of us. So, how do we prevent further damage to the planet we live on?

Solar is only one of the green energies that are available but solar is making great strides in the market. It is versatile and provides energy for several appliances in the home and offices including lights, hot water, heat, and air conditioning. It will run toasters, coffee makers, and more.

Solar is the green energythatis leading the way. Here’s how it works.

You install the solar panels that gather the UV from the sunlight. That UV is stored in batteries. It can be used then or later. You also have the option of selling your solar energy that you do not use to local electric company. If you decide to sell the energy then it goes directly into the grid, and you do not need to store it.

The panels can be installed on your roof or in a solar panel field. Solar panel fields do not hurt animals. In fact, many solar panel farms employee sheep or other animals that eat grass and other plants. The animals help with upkeep of the grass around the panels.

Large Solar Power Panels and City Skyline
Large Solar Power Panels and Workers

Benefits of Solar Power

While solar power is not the only green energy there are many benefits to solar power.

Some of those benefits include:

  • It is quiet so no noise pollution.
  • Solar panel farms do not hurt animals or the ecosystem; in fact some farms employ animals to help with keeping the grass and plants down around the panels.
  • Reduces greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change.
  • Financial support from the government of 26% tax reduction for the year 2022 after that the rate will drop 22% for 2023.
  • Solar renewable energy certificates which is a divisionof solar renewable power that is generated by a residence or company and sold to the local utility.
  • The sun is an unlimited source of energy.
  • Improvements in solar energy field have happened quickly and continue to happen.
  • Solar provides power to a wide variety of applications in everyday life.
  • Maintenance is minimal especially, to roof panels. Solar panel farms require a little more upkeep to maintain the plant life around the panels.
  • It increases the value of your home or business.
  • You save money on utility bills for either your business or home.

Those are just some of the benefits of solar power. The biggest benefit is to the planet itself. That benefit is a reduction of greenhouse gases and carbon in the atmosphere from fossil fuels. Followed by it is not harmful to animals or ecosystems.

With the push on to reduce our carbon footprint further innovations in the solar power field will happen quickly. Those innovations could put solar power in the front of the renewable green energies. Businesses may soon be able to run more than their lights, coffeemakers, and office equipment. Soon they could be running many of their production equipment with solar power.

That would also benefit businesses with cutting utility bills. It would also allow them to sell power to the local utility company. Another benefit to businesses is being able to receive tax breaks until 2023 or 204 for setting up solar power on their business property.

One more way solar power can meet the needs of the community is a community solar farm. The community solar farm is where those people who live in apartment buildings or businesses in office buildings can purchase lower cost solar energy. Communities can actually power part if not all of their electrical needs with a good solar farm.

Solar Power Panels