H2 Zoom – Level 3

"To be sustainable we must live sustainably...NOW"

H2ZOOM Level 3 Charging Units

Designed for “On-the-Go” EV Drivers

Carbon Free Zone installs and maintains H2ZOOM Level 3 EV Charging Units.

Key Features

  • 180 kW (options available)
  • 100% Green Energy capability
  • Hydrogen-generated power
  • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO)
  • Power Output up to 240 kW DC with GB/T, IEC62196-3 (Combo 1/Combo2) gun
  • 94% power efficiency
  • User friendly LCD display for customer interface
  • IP54 outdoor charging station
  • Nano Self-Cleaning Technology
  • Dual Port
  • 10 year warranty

Additional Info

  • Advertising revenue opportunity on 55-inch Advertising Screen, double sided, anti-glare
  • 100 miles average range in 15 minutes (approx.)
  • Financing available
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h2Zoom EVE Charger level
Custom Design Option


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Pet Park with Solar Bench Chargers:

H2ZOOM EV fast charger locations can be equipped with a Pet Park to allow our four-legged friends to stretch & relax while you charge. Pet waste stations are also available.

Solar Bench Chargers:

Humans can take advantage of comfortable solar-charged benches. Charging ports on the bench will allow you to power your electronics to keep you connected with the world.

Vending Services:

Humans & pets can enjoy tasty treats from well stocked vending machines at H2ZOOM EV fast charger locations.

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