“Because We Care”

About Us

Our Purpose

Sometimes we define our purpose in life and other times the purpose defines us. Climate Change is an existential threat. It will define who we are as a people and what our future portends. At the Carbon Free Zone, we value the environment and, just as importantly, you! Our purpose is restoring nature’s balance and improving the quality of life for all Earth’s inhabitants. We are committed to sustainable practices, developing climate mitigating products and services, guiding the next generation of sustainable leaders, and becoming the industry standard for customer service. While the challenges associated with climate change are daunting, if we incorporate the principles of sustainability into our daily culture none of those challenges are insurmountable. It is our institutional belief that sustainability is life and life is you! The Carbon Free Zone is just that: sustainability, life, and you!

seal in water
Our Mission:
Sustaining The Planet & You
Our Vision:
Restore balance to the planet, humanity of the people, and prosperity for the future by incorporating the principles of sustainability into our personal and professional conduct
We S.E.E. You
S – Social
E – Environmental
E – Economic

Our Principal Partners

Michael Miller, Sustainability Engineer, U.S. Air Force Veteran
Mike has 28 years of experience in the environmental industry with over 16 years in the field of Sustainability. He is founder of Sustainable SOILutions, a compost retail business, and an unrelenting advocate for the principles of sustainability. Mike has a Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering (MSc.EE) with a professional certification in Sustainability from the University of Florida.
Michael Bartley, Senior Executive
Mike is President of our sister company, Modern Energy Design. With over 30 years in the chemical and steel business, he has developed a reputation of resolving industrial level energy and operational challenges for commercial clients nationally. Mike is an alumnus of Ohio Wesleyan University.
Katrina Cain, Sustainability Consultant, Energy Broker
Katrina has over 20 years’ experience in customer service management and indoor air quality. She has developed Customer Service standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the water/wastewater and HVAC industries. Katrina is focused on work environments that promotes professionalism, creativity, training, diversity, and wellness. Katrina studied Business Administration at Phoenix University.
Rebecca (Becca) Selkirk, Agronomist, Certified Carbon Credit Broker