“To be sustainable we must live sustainably…NOW”

H2ZOOM Charging Units with “FlexSource” technology

“Get Off-the-Grid”

Carbon Free Zone manufactures, installs, and maintains H2ZOOM Level 2 & 3 EV Charging Units.

“FlexSource” technology allows the H2ZOOM Level 3 DC fast chargers to be configured to use various energy sources, i.e., Hydrogen (H2), Green Grid Energy, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO) and/or Solar as well as non-renewable sources. We recognize the use of varied renewable energy sources balances the need for raw materials; spreads patronage among different suppliers/vendors; and adapts to regional resource availability.

*Level 3 – 165 KW Ultra-fast chargers designed for users “on the go”. Average charge time for 100 miles range is approximately 15 minutes.

Level 2 – 17.5 KW chargers ideal for workplace, apartments/condos, public access and residential use. Average charge time for 100 miles range is approximately 2 hours.


H2ZOOM Level 3 EV Fast Chargers:

  • 100% Green Energy capability
  • Hydrogen-generated power
  • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO)
  • Solar lighting
  • Vending Services
  • Pet Park
  • Solar Bench Chargers
  • User-friendly App

Pet Park with Solar Bench Chargers:

H2ZOOM EV fast charger locations are equipped with a Pet Park to allow our four-legged friends to stretch & relax, while you charge. Pet waste stations are also installed.

Solar Bench Chargers:

Humans can take advantage of comfortable solar-charged benches. Charging ports on the bench will allow you to power your electronics to keep you connected with the world.

Vending Services:

Humans & pets can enjoy tasty treats from well stocked vending machines at H2ZOOM EV fast charger locations.

tree and park path